Car Storage Frequently Asked Questions

1 December 2014
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1 December 2014, Comments: 0

Who’s fault is it when you don’t make car storage Ottawa a major priority this winter?

Do you offer car storage and parking services?

We do offer car storage. Typically the outdoor parking spaces are the most adequate for this type of storage. If you absolutely need the RV to be storage inside for the winter we can have you head down to our facility to test the height of the unit against that height of the RV. Most times the RV storage clients are a little to large to be accommodated by a drive up unit. You’re welcome to cover the RV to prevent the snow from resting directly on the vehicle.

Boat storage is something that has been a real hit for our organization over the past several decades. Our clients find it really convenient to come down and pick up their boats at a moment’s notice. They can rest easy knowing that their boat is stored inside of a gated 24 hour digitally recorded storage facility where they have their own gate code to access the property.

Car storage is one of the things that has become integrated as part of our business as there is such high demand for this type of storage whether it be indoors or outdoors. We have several hundred clients that leave their personal and commercial vehicles under our protections with nearly no complaints on an annual basis. If you want the highest level of security you should consider parking your vehicle on one of our closed lots. Only one location has an open lot as a result of being in a high traffic area at the corner of Bronson and Catherine.We would have this lot gated if we could but it would not be safe for our clients if they had to punch in a code at that entrance with people flying onto Catherine off of the main Bronson artery.

car storage Ottawa ON

car storage Ottawa ON


Would you believe it, you need car storage services?

In the winter we service a high end group of clients that have summer cars they need stored over the winter months. You have an opportunity to inquire about some special rates we offer to these type of clients so we can stay competitive with the underground parking market. What our clients like about storing their summer cars with us is that they have an opportunity to lock up their vehicles in the individual storage units plus the added layer of security with the 24/7 gated access.

We frequently get inquiries regarding motorcycle storage. Outdoor parking for motorcycles is available 12 months a year. However, if you wish to store your motorcycle over the winter months, we ask that the fuel be drained out of the machine for safety precautionary reasons. There are a few consistent clients at some of our outdoor sites that enjoy the freedom of having a nice car storage place to park their toys so they are not taking up driveway space at home.

Car Storage Ottawa

For a Free Car storage consultation, Call A1 Mini today at 613-237-8673.

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