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15 April 2015
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15 April 2015, Comments: 0

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With all the things that you can’t seem to part with but still want or need to have while still maintaining a clutter free environment in your home or your office, it’s natural to think of acquiring one of the many storage lockers Ottawa has to offer you. But with your valuable or sentimentally irreplaceable possessions, you wonder to yourself “How secure is a storage locker?” You want all your items to be safe at all times.

Secure Storage Lockers Ottawa ON

Secure Storage Lockers Ottawa ON

Talk with the Manager

If you want to make sure about the security features that the storage locker has, you can always call the manager to make sure that what the online listed offers are in fact currently available. You can also ask the manager or staff to see if you’re able to take a tour of the area to feel completely at ease with the space you’d rent. It would also be recommended in asking if the company has a well-established relationship with the police and if there are police that frequently monitor the area, or perhaps they have live-in security staff as well!

Video Surveillance

Even though video surveillance is a great piece of technology and it can discourage thieves from burglary, surveillance cameras only really capture a theft and does not prevent it. They help the company review what went wrong to help increase security in the facilities and prevent any future problems.

Taking Charge

Storage Lockers Ottawa Secure Lock

Storage Lockers Ottawa Secure Lock

You’ve chosen a good secure facility, but there are still some things you can do yourself to help keep things secure. You can store your most valuable possessions in the back of your storage locker, making it hard to get to or hard to quickly grab hold of. There’s also a possibility that the storage manager would let you choose your own lock. If this is the case, you should get a lock that will hold up against bolt cutters, such as a disc lock or a cylinder lock.

We hope that these tips will help you feel at ease in choosing a safe and secure storage locker to keep your possessions safe.

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