How do I pick my self storage size?

7 November 2014
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7 November 2014, Comments: 0

What self storage sizes are available and how do I know what size we need?

Our self storage facilities feature between 12 and 50 sizes depending on the location that you plan on renting. We typically provide a variety of standard sizes and pricing for those sizes. On-site managers have been trained diligently in asking the right questions to prospects when they call in to inquire about our storage service. To save yourself time the best way is to have everything written down prior to picking up the phone to inquire. However, this is not entirely necessary because it’s our job and pleasure to assist you in going through this process.

Will mini self storage be enough for my items?


If you just have a few seasonal items like tires and holiday decorations, you probably need the smallest storage locker size 5 x 5. If you have a few pieces of furniture or are a student with very little contents in your place because you have most of your possessions at your home you likely require a 5 x 10 storage unit. If you’re moving an entire 3 bedroom home, you probably will not be able to fit your contents into a small storage unit.


We’re looking for self storage because we’re moving out of our home, what size do I need?

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Most of our clients that are moving out of a multiple room house require at least a 10 x 10 mini storage if not more space if they’re storing appliances. The 10 x 10 is also good for self storage clients that have a lot of records and plan on storing a lot more. Some of our commercial storage clients don’t have enough records to fill the entire 10 x 10 room initially. But to avoid moving record storage in the near future they opt for the 100 square foot locker. If you have to store the contents of your home and you’ve lived their for decades. Perhaps you have more contents to store than the average home owner. Sometimes clients inquire and they have large items and lots of furniture. For these clients we provide storage quotes in the 10 x 15 range.

Do we offer self storage solutions to businesses and enterprises?


Commercial clients that have a lot of inventory will be quoted on the 200 square foot units. Some client require accommodation at even larger sizes which we have no problem providing. Anything above and beyond 200 square feet receive our lowest per square foot rate available. This rate does vary slightly based on location. The Central location is the highest rate at $1.44 per square foot which is a reasonable rate considering the level of on-site security, hydro, heat and humidity control present at the facility.

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