Self storage Ottawa Frequently Asked Questions

15 November 2014
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15 November 2014, Comments: 0

Let us share with you one little self storage mistake that you may be making that is costing you hundreds of square feet at your home and it could be resolved in 10 minutes if you just did one thing different.

What is a drive-up self storage unit?

A self storage drive up unit is something that is very convenient for those clients that do not want to use a loading dock style facility. 4 out of our 5 locations have drive-up units available. These are great for commercial clients that want to on and off load products from their tail gates for easy access. Drive up units tend to save these type of clients an awful lot of time. And in business we all know time is money at the end of the day. We have a number of loyal clients that swear by the use of drive up units because it is just so convenient for their business or for their life. Our drive up units are also very good for summer car storage over the winter months. Ask about winter long promotions that give you an opportunity to receive a competitive rate for this particular service. We encourage you to use this type of locker is you plan on accessing your unit frequently throughout the season. Commercial clients that are suppliers also take advantage of our drive-up storage units because it allows them to have shipments dropped off in their units without having to be present at all times. We ask them for a copy of their key so we can help the shipper move the inventory into the storage lockers as part of the service. This is only available at our drive-up unit storage facilities.

What is a self storage roll-up door?

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A roll up door is part of the self storage drive-up units at 4 of our 5 locations. These types of doors are similar to those that are part of your residential garage at home. These types of doors are ideal for wide or large awkward items that may not fit in a 36 inch door like we have on some of our units. Items that would require a roll up door are things like vehicles, kayaks, canoes, boats, RVs, campers etc. We’ve also found that our clients that needs to store appliances often have great difficulty getting them through the 36” doors at our indoor facilities. We recommend roll-up doors for large furniture items as well. Our primary aim is to make your moving and storage experience as smooth as possible so you have a chance to focus more on the things you care about in your life or business. The self storage roll-up doors at several of our outdoor facilities give us a chance to service and properly accommodate a variety of clients which is great news for the people we are in business to serve.

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