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7 April 2015
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7 April 2015, Comments: 0

Free Truck with Move-In for Your Self Storage

You’ve found the best location and size for your self storage in Ottawa, but now you’re wondering to yourself “How should I pack all these things to fit into the storage space?” It may seem like a whole Tetris puzzle to you at first, but with the right tips and frame of mind, you can concur this goal! At A1 Mini Self Storage, we even provide you with a free truck with your move-in to the self storage so there’s even one less thing for you to worry about!

The main part of using a self storage facility is to be able to access your items at any time of day, any day of the week. Therefore, you should pack in such a way that you’ll be able to remember your layout so that you can find your item(s) as quickly and as easily as possible.

Ottawa Self Storage

Ottawa Self Storage

Boxing & Wrapping

Getting same-size boxes will help you stack the boxes on top of each other for a cleaner and more organized storage area. When packing, don’t make the boxes too heavy so that you’re still able to carry them and so that they won’t break.

Speaking of breaking – are you storing any fragile items? Examples would include cups, dishes, ornaments, mirrors, etc. The best thing would be to store them separately, each one wrapped carefully. Wrapping things in paper is ok, but to ensure maximum safety, bubble wrap would be a good investment.  When packing these items, pack them tightly, stuffing paper or filler in the gaps to protect them even further. When storing your items, be careful not to store any heavy boxes on top of the ones with your fragile items. Make sure to store the fragile items on top so that they don’t get crushed.


Label, label, label!! I can’t stress this enough – label everything! It will make it so much easier to find the item(s) that you’d be looking for. The more specific the better! But don’t go overboard. For instance, you could end up having three boxes marked as ‘Kitchen’ but to make it easier, you could also write ‘cups & plates’ or ‘fancy china from grandma’. You’ll be able to easily distinguish which one you need and won’t have to go through the trouble and time of consistently opening and sealing your boxes again.

Side note: Remember those fragile items I mentioned earlier? It would be a good idea to label the boxes that are fragile as well!

Self Storage Ottawa ON

Self Storage Ottawa ON

Keep an Inventory

Throughout your packing frenzy, you may sometimes forget what you have decided to pack and put in storage. To avoid confusion and misplaced worry, it would be wise to opt for an inventory list. Write down each item that you’re storing. Extra points if you categorize it with the boxing labels mentioned above!

There you have them – general tips to help you on your way to packing for your self storage locker. It may seem a bit daunting at first, but as soon as you start to work on it and keep these tips in mind it’ll go much easier.

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