Storage facilities Ottawa Residence have used since the 80s

21 November 2014
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21 November 2014, Comments: 0

6 types of storage facilities Ottawa citizens trust which group are you in?

What should I do at the storage facilities if I forget my access code or lost the key to my lock?

Our storage facilities Ottawa residence frequent experience this common problem frequently. This common occurrence in the self storage business is not a problem. When our clients misplace their keys we have them sign a lock cut document that gives us permission to cut the lock off the storage unit. We use very large bolt cutters to remove the lock and this typically draws a bit of playful conversation. The client often feels the need to try and cut the lock using our tools. It is fun to cut off locks but because of liability reasons we cannot allow clients to cut the locks because of possible injury. If you forget your access code you can call the on-site manager and he will provide you with the details. In the event that it’s after hours and you have the key to your lock it will be best to contact the onsite security staff to see if he can let you onto the property. If he knows who you are it will not be a problem at all. If you’re unknown to the on site security staff he will likely come along with you to the unit to confirm that you are indeed a client. This is a precautionary self storage measure to maintain the highest level of security possible for our highly valued clients. If you forget your gate code think about common numbers that are a part of your life to see if you can recall the number as this is typically the codes we use so people can remember them.

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Can I change my storage facilities to a different storage location after I have already moved in?

A common theme in self-storage is adding space or reducing locker size. This is something that we do frequently and it is absolutely not a problem at all in any case that the account is paid in full. There are all sorts of reasons why a client may need to reduce space or increase the amount of square footage necessary for proper accommodation. Some clients add an additional locker to have a chance to sort through contents to decide what to get rid of or perhaps to develop a more organized approach to the way they have the contents stacked inside their unit. A number of clients have moved into their new place but enjoy the convenience of storage so they continue to use it on a much smaller scale than originally. A lot of clients increase or decrease the square footage of their units in the Ottawa storage facilities with an increase in inventory or number of children in post-secondary education.

Storage facilities Ottawa

To visit one of our 5 storage facilities visit, Call Self Storage Ottawa Group today at (613) 237 – 8673.

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